5 Day School Challenge



5 Days - 5 Simple Games 

It's hearbreaking when your child is struggling at school & it's incredibly frustrating to get out of the house on time!

So over 5 days I want to give you simple, fun & highly effective ways to help your Primary-aged child deal with common difficulties when they're away from you at school AND help your mornings run much smoother.

Separation Anxiety

Aggressive Behaviour

Friendship Anxiety

Getting Out of the House on Time

Dealing with a Difficult Teacher

It's FREE & starts Monday 12 March 

I'm Helena Mooney

and I have a 9 year old daughter (& 3 year old son), so I KNOW how hard it can be helping children navigate the inevitable highs & lows of school life.  

I'm also a Parenting Coach specialising in Parenting by Connection & Aware Parenting, so I LOVE helping my own children & other parents implement these amazing approaches in their families.  

The approach I advocate is respectful, loving, practical and high effective.

So join us for 5 days & gain 5 practical & fun ways to turn some of those challenging school situations around. 

Praise for Helena

Practical tools

"Helena gave me practical tools I can use at home to help me connect and guide my children, without using shouting, etc.."  

Jane (Sydney)

With all my heart, thank you!

"I really felt your warmth, and genuine care and empathy... and I feel really blessed that I found you!  

Thank you so so so much! It's only been day two and the changes already in our household are just mind blowing!!!!!  

Amber (Perth)

I was at my wits end!

"Helena's approach...is practical, honest and nurturing.  

Thanks Helena for caring and sharing - your passion shines through"  

Susan (Sydney)

Fantastic practical advice

"Helena was very understanding of all the different situations and gave a wonderful insight into how children think & behave"  

Camilla (Sydney)