Transform Your Family with Play

Toddler & Baby Masterclass Series

There's no doubt that this is a full-on time, so let's talk about how to make life easier.

- Reduce the overwhelm around having a toddler & baby

- Help your older child adjust to their new sibling 

- Helping your baby (and you!) sleep better

- Stay connected with your partner & parent cooperatively

Learn simple, practical strategies which will help your WHOLE family.

Join me LIVE and I'll answer your questions directly.

PLUS receive the recordings afterwards to watch again when you need to (or if you can't attend in person)

Choose individual classes or purchase the whole series & SAVE!

Are you exhausted with a baby under 1?

You don't want to leave them to cry on their own, but constant rocking, patting, feeding & carrying is just not working.  

Bedtimes are a nightmare & you know babies need to wake at this age, but surely not every hour?!

So what can you do?

Join me to discover a way that does not involve leaving your baby to cry on their own, or one that requires you to just accept constant wakings & be exhuasted all the time. 

Learn how to help your baby sleep better whilst remaining securely attached to you.

Your toddler is not going to always love their younger sibling. In fact, sometimes they'll HATE them and want them to go away.

Join me to find out how to stay connected with your rumbunctious toddler and to help them with their big feelings about this new interloper.

There are some simple, quick things you can do to make life easier for you all. 

PLUS we'll talk toddler tantrums & how to best manage them.  

When we become mums, our main focus becomes our baby & children - with our partner often bottom of the list.

Tensions can arise over the way you want to raise your kids, especially if you're wanting to parent in a more emotionally-available, connected way.  

So how do we stay connected with our partners & develop cooperation whilst raising our kids?

Join me to find out how to reduce conflict & bring harmony to your relationship & how to parent effectively & respectfully together.

I'm Helena Mooney & I'm a Parenting Coach & Doula, so I love supporting mums with birth, babies & kids.

I also know how hard it can be as I'm also mum to 2 children, so I experience the juggle every day!

When my eldest was a baby, I thought I'd do everything 'right' and things would be easy. Oh how wrong I was!! 

I did everything I could to stop my daughter from crying and I ended up exhausted & completely over it. So when I discovered this connected & effective parenting approach - everything changed.

Not only did it help me with my babies, but it gave me the framework to know how to manage situations when they became toddlers.

AND it gave me the support I needed to also nurture my relationship with my husband. 

So join me for this series of Masterclasses so that you too can discover this respectful, practical & effective approach with your babies, toddlers & partner.